How To Apply Eyeliner

How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

Applying eyeliner can enhance your eyes and produce a polished look, but learning the fashion can be grueling . Then a comprehensive companion on how to apply eyeliner like a pro, whether you ’re aiming for a subtle look or a dramatic cat- eye.

Types of Eyeliner

1. Pencil Eyeliner

Ideal for newcomers due to its ease of use. Great for a softer, soiled look.

2. Liquid Eyeliner

Combines perfection with ease of use, generally applied with a encounter.

 3. Gel Eyeliner

For pencil and gel liners, set the line with a matching eyeshadow to help smudging

4. Felt- Tip Eyeliner

analogous to liquid but with a pen- suchlike tip, furnishing control and perfection.

Step- by- Step companion


1. Clean and florescence

Start with a clean, dry eyelid. Apply an eye manual to insure the eyeliner stays put and does n’t smirch.

2. Choose the Right Eyeliner

elect the type of eyeliner grounded on the look you want and your comfort position with operation. operation ways

For Pencil Eyeliner

1. Edge the Pencil

insure your pencil is sharp for precise lines. Warm it slightly by rolling it between your fritters.

2. Apply Along the Lash Line

Starting from the inner corner, draw a line as close to the lash line as possible. Use suddenly, small strokes to produce a nonstop line.

3. Smudge for a Softer Look

Use a smudging tool or a cotton tar to gently blur the line for a softer effect.

How To Apply Eyeliner

For Liquid Eyeliner

1. Steady Your Hand

Rest your elbow on a flat face to steady your hand.

2. Start Thin

Begin at the inner corner with a thin line, gradationally making it thicker as you move towards the external corner.

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3. produce the Wing

For a cat- eye, draw a small film at the external corner, extending it overhead towards the end of your eyebrow. Connect the tip of the film back to the lash line and fill in the gap.

How To Apply Eyeliner

For Gel Eyeliner

1. cargo the Encounter

Use an angled encounter and dip it into the gel pot, wiping off excess on the edge.

2. Draw the Line

Starting from the inner corner, draw a smooth line along the lash line. Acclimate the consistence grounded on your preference.

3. Define the Wing

analogous to liquid eyeliner, produce a sect by extending a line from the external corner and connecting it back to the lash line.

How To Apply Eyeliner

For Felt- Tip Eyeliner

1. Angle the Pen

Hold the pen at an angle to control the consistence of the line.

2. Draw the Base Line

Start from the inner corner and draw along the lash line in one smooth stir.

3. Perfect the Wing

Extend the line slightly past the external corner for a winged effect, following the natural wind of your lower lash line.

Tips and Tricks

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Do n’t be discouraged by original miscalculations. Practice will ameliorate your fashion and confidence.

2. Correct miscalculations with Ease

Use a cotton tar dipped in makeup way to fix any crimes without ruining your makeup.

3. Set Your Eyeliner

For pencil and gel liners, set the line with a matching eyeshadow to help smudging.

4. Trial with Styles

Try different aesthetics to see what flatters your eye shape and suits your style. From a classic tightline to a bold graphic liner, the possibilities are endless.

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Final Touches


Finish with makeup to enhance your switches and round the eyeliner.

Clean Up

insure any fallout or smirches are gutted up for a crisp, clean look.


Applying eyeliner takes tolerance and practice, but with these tips and ways, you ’ll be suitable to produce beautiful, defined eyes that enhance your natural beauty. trial with different types and styles of eyeliner to find what works best for you, and enjoy the process of perfecting your look.

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